Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation through a process of disciplined research and analysis, which includes seeking a thorough understanding of a company's value relative to other opportunities available. Dean Ryle has a culture of risk mitigation in portfolio construction. The strategy invests in U.S. large capitalization (”large-cap”) companies through the ownership of common stock. 

We Look For Companies With These Characteristics


  • High free cash flow generation relative to the stock price. Companies that create excess cash over and above the business’ annual capital requirements.

  • Low volatility in free cash flowsIdeally, companies will display low volatility of cash flows, which provides a level of certainty.

  • High growth in cash flowsFree cash flows should display growth over time.

  • Simple and easy business modelsWe never invest in any company we can’t explain in relatively simple terms.

  • Dominant in its industryCompanies that have been through periods of recession and emerged stronger.

  • Superior returns on capitalCompanies that achieve high margins.

  • Sustainable competitive advantagesThese protect the company from the competition and allowing management to increase prices above inflation without losing market share.

  • Strong Balance SheetCompanies with sensible gearing levels.

  • Quality Management. Companies with a proven track record of outstanding performance. Management should display honesty, intelligence, and integrity.


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