About Dean Ryle Asset Management

About Us

Dean Ryle Asset Management, LLC is a boutique equity investment manager that is independent, privately-owned, and fee-only. We are focused on helping individual and family investors consistently outperform the broad U.S. stock market while mitigating risk. We offer capital appreciation and income investment options using a single strategy. 

We are built on the passionate belief that they can deliver solid and consistent performance over the long term by employing distinct, well-defined, and repeatable investment processes, grounded in quality in-house research.


Dean Ryle Asset Management is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) founded in 2017.

Our Unique Characteristics

  • specialized US equity investors.

  • heavily skew our fees towards performance in your portfolio.

  • use high watermarks to protect our clients from excessive fees.

  • focused on results, not the accumulation of client assets.

  • simple organization structure, which makes us highly agile.

  • Portfolio Manager accessibility.

  • focused on risk management. Risks involve several significant factors, not just short-term market price volatility.

  • conduct in-house research to make better investment decisions, we do not rely on third-party research.

  • believe value and growth characteristics of companies can often coexist, and actively seek out those opportunities.

  • fee-only Investment Manager.

  • independent.

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The Challenge for Many Investors

Asset management is an industry that has too many active managers managing too much money. Fixed fees have long incentivized managers to grow assets under management rather than pursue outperformance. This has led to years of poor performance resulting in the erosion of client trust in active management and their migration to passive investments. 

We intend to align manager and client incentives around outperformance. We do this by charging fees that are similar to passive ETFs when performance is at or below a stated benchmark, and we only charge more when we generate outperformance. 

Our Investment Objectives

  • US Equity Capital Appreciation Strategy. This targets a return greater than, or equal to 2% p.a., net of our fees, above the S&P 500 index (SPY) over rolling 3-year periods. We do this while mitigating risk.

  • US Dividend Income Strategy. This targets a return of greater than, or equal to 1% p.a., net of our fees, above the S&P 500 index over rolling 3-year periods, plus targets a dividend yield of over 2% p.a. We do this while mitigating risk.

For more information please visit Portfolio Management.

Our Historical Investment Performance

For our historical gross, and net of fees returns, please visit Performance and Fact Sheets

Our Fees

A management fee of 0.17% p.a. (17 basis points) plus a performance fee when we outperform the S&P 500 Index. The performance fee is only paid when we beat the high watermark on your account. For more information, please visit Fees and High Watermark.


Dean Ryle Asset Management is headquartered in New York City, NY. We serve investors who are resident in most States in America, either in-person or virtually.

Our Investment Philosophy


Superior Long-term Compound Growth

We focus on achieving superior long-term compound growth over time by seeking out and investing in what we see are the best businesses in the world. Great businesses purchased with a sufficient ‘margin of safety’ we believe will provide superior long-term returns.


We are often contrarian and will strive to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. To have better performance than the crowd we want to do things differently from the crowd.

Capital Preservation

We place a great deal of importance on assessing downside risk. We attempt to know as much about the portfolio companies as we can, this will mitigate the permanent loss of capital. Risk arises from not properly understanding your investments.



We aim to concentrate enough of our best ideas so as not to dilute overall returns but hold enough positions to provide an appropriate level of diversification. Concentrating capital in high-quality businesses builds wealth over time.



Our strategy is to buy wonderful businesses for the long-term to maximize long-term returns. If a business performs well, the stock price will eventually follow.


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