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About Dean Ryle Asset Management

About Us

  • We exclusively concentrate on investments within the highly liquid US equity market.

  • The founder serves as the portfolio manager.

  • We are entirely employee-owned.

  • Our interests are aligned with our clients, as we have a significant investment in the firm and utilize the same process for managing client funds as we do for our own.

  • We focus on actively managing assets rather than simply accumulating them.

  • We perform our own in-house research, maintaining independence from major research investment firms. This unique approach helps us see opportunities that often go unnoticed by the broader market.

Our Investment Philosophy

Superior Long-term Compound Growth

Our primary focus is on achieving exceptional long-term compound growth by identifying and investing in the world's finest businesses. We firmly believe that acquiring great businesses at favorable valuations, with a margin of safety, will generate superior returns over the long run.


We adopt a contrarian mindset and actively seek opportunities when market sentiment is excessively optimistic or pessimistic. By being cautious when others are overly confident and seizing opportunities when others are fearful, we aim to outperform the crowd and pursue unique investment strategies.

Capital Preservation

We place significant emphasis on evaluating and managing downside risk. In-depth knowledge about the companies in our portfolio is crucial as it helps mitigate the potential for permanent capital loss. We understand that risks arise from inadequate comprehension of our investments.


While we concentrate our investments in our strongest convictions, we also ensure an appropriate level of diversification. This allows us to capture the full potential of our best ideas without diluting overall returns. By focusing our capital on high-quality businesses, we can cultivate long-term wealth.


Our strategy revolves around acquiring exceptional businesses for the long term, aiming to maximize returns over extended periods. We believe that if a company performs well fundamentally, its stock price will eventually reflect its intrinsic value.

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