We are a boutique Asset Manager helping people, families, and independent advisors seeking outperformance from investments in U.S. large-cap publicly listed companies.  

Why We're Different


We specialize in US equity investing with a focus on identifying large-cap growth companies considered undervalued, from a collection of America's biggest and best companies. 

Structure of Fees

We link our fees to our performance and structure them according to the following principles to get the best results for our clients.

An article in Morningstar, “The ins and outs of performance fees”, by Morris, S. CFA* suggests asset managers should structure their fees in the following ways, and we agree!

  • Fulcrum In Nature. Performance fees should go up when Asset Managers outperform and go down in equal proportion when they underperform.

  • Low Base Management Fees. Base management fees should be set well below average to ensure asset managers don't earn high fees even if they underperform.​

  • Appropriate Benchmark. Performance fees should reward asset managers if they outperformance over a benchmark that best represents their investible universe. 

  • High-Watermarks. Performance fees should incorporate high watermarks. 

Focus on Outperformance

Our performance fee structure focuses our energy on producing results for our clients. Traditionally fixed fees have long incentivized asset managers to grow assets under management rather than pursue outperformance. 


Invest Alongside Our Clients' Funds

We believe in our investment process and our strategy. We have "Skin in the Game".


Organizational Structure  

As a boutique asset manager, we have a simple, horizontal organizational structure without layers upon layers of management. This makes us highly agile. We are 100% employee-owned and our Portfolio Manager is the founder of Dean Ryle Asset Management. 

Closer to Our Clients

We offer increased accessibility to key decision-makers when it comes to managing your Portfolio, often overlooked benefit and but critical, especially during times of serve market turmoil.

Risk Focused

We practice a high degree of risk management in the analysis and selection of companies, and in constructing portfolios. We don't just focus on volatility risk, as that is too simplistic and in our view irrelevant to longer-term superior investment returns.

In-house Research

We believe doing our own research, detailed analytical work, sticking to a rigorous investment process, and focusing on the US equity market enhances investment performance for our clients.

Invest in Growing, Undervalued Companies 

We seek out companies that exhibit both value and growth characteristics at great prices, this sets us apart from most other Portfolio Managers who believe growth and value are mutually exclusive investment options. 

*Source: Morris, S. CFA, 2009, “The ins and outs of performance fees”, date accessed 03/05/2021, website: https://www.morningstar.co
.uk /uk/news/64227/the ins and outs of performance fees.aspx.


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