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Linking Fees to Our Performance

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Jason Bennewith, Founder


“Our mission is to provide professional portfolio management to individuals and families where our fees are linked to performance. We believe that putting our clients first, specializing, focusing on risk management and clients' long-term objectives will allow us to achieve that goal."

Jason Bennewith


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Performance | Average Annualized Total Returns | February 5, 2018 (Inception) to March 31, 2021

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Our fee structure: Morningstar best practice

Morningstar's article, “The ins and outs of performance fees”, by Morris, S. CFA**. explains best practice when structuring fees charged by a portfolio manager.  We strive to adhere to these principles.

Our management fee of 0.50% p.a. (50 basis points) is below average to ensure we don't earn high fees even if we underperform.


Our 15% performance fee goes up when we outperform the benchmark and goes down in equal proportion if we underperform. We use a benchmark (SPY) that best represents our investible universe, and incorporate high watermarks to protect investors from overpayingfees.

Do-it-yourself investing can be time-consuming and often delivers unfavorable results.

If you have built up $100,000 or more in assets in your portfolio, it is time to consider bringing in a professional portfolio manager to help preserve and grow your portfolio and meet your financial objectives. We can help manage your portfolio to best meet your needs and tolerance for risk. And there’s no better time than the present to get started.