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What should I look for in a Portfolio Manager? 

Someone specialized, credentialed, and experienced with a proven track record of outperformance in stock Portfolio Management to help you design and build a portfolio that best meets your needs and tolerance for risk.


Is your advisor incentivized to perform for you, or are they incentivized to grow assets under management? We align our objectives with yours by charging fees that reward us when your portfolio outperforms.

Risk Management

What risks does your advisor look at when putting together a selection of companies in a portfolio?  Many other Portfolio Managers focus on volatility risk, which we believe is too simplistic and not entirely relevant to longer-term superior investment returns.

Company Research

Does your advisor do rely on widely distributed third-party equities research from investment banks and research houses? We believe that doing detailed analytical work, sticking to a rigorous investment process, and focusing on the US equity market enhances investment performance for our clients.

Growth and Value

Does your advisor look at investing in stocks that contain before value and growth characteristics? We seek out undervalued companies that exhibit both value and growth characteristics at great prices, this sets us apart from most other Portfolio Managers who believe growth and value are mutually exclusive investment options.

High Watermarks

Does your advisor recoup past losses before they charge a performance fee? High watermarking keeps track of accumulated losses from prior periods, based on the relative performance of your account compared to the broad market (S&P 500 index). We cannot charge a performance fee if accumulated losses exist.


Does your advisor form part of a larger asset manager or financial planner entity, or have an alliance with one?  We are independent and are not restricted to recommend investments outside of a platform, group, or entity.   

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