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Investment Opportunities

We serve people, families, and independent investment advisors looking to invest funds in a strategy that strives to consistently outperform the broad US equity market either dividend-focused or capital appreciation-focused investments. 


We have a fiduciary duty to our clients, which means we have a fundamental obligation to provide suitable investment services and always act in their best interests.

How to Invest

To discuss your investment plans you can schedule a short conversation with us.  ​For general questions, please call us at (631) 250-2829, or​ ​e-mail us at

The minimum investment is $500.

Investment Offering

US Capital Appreciation Strategy. Targets a total return greater than, or equal to 2% p.a. (net of our fees) above the S&P 500 index (SPY) over rolling 3-year periods.

Key Features of the Investment

  • Generally Holds 20-65 stocks. U.S. publically listed equity securities in the S&P500 Index.

  • Fees 0.50% (50 basis points) p.a. plus a performance fee of 15% of the mark-to-market profit and loss on your account, above the S&P500 index (SPY) benchmark, which is only paid if we beat the high watermark.

  • High Watermark Yes, includes high watermark protection for investors.

  • Investment Style Large Cap, Value, Quality and Growth

  • Target Allocation Equities 100%

  • Individual Security Limit <15%

  • Sector Limit Sector Neutral

  • Minimum Investment $500

  • Investment Universe Primarily U.S. publically listed equity securities in the S&P500 Index.

  • Suggested Timeframe 3 -5 years or more.

  • Risk High


  • Investor Class US Resident and Qualified Clientas defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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