Our Active Investment Strategy

A disciplined research process

Our objective is to achieve better than broad stock market returns over a multi-year period, through all phases of the market cycle. Our US equity investment strategy targets a return greater than 2% p.a. net of our fees above the S&P 500 index over rolling 3-year periods.

Our investment strategy incorporates a disciplined research process intended to include a thorough understanding and analysis of each company's fundamental and intrinsic value, coupled with an appreciation for the macro environment, economic cycles, and other key factors such as public policy, industry, and political developments. We take a directional view utilizing our deep knowledge of companies and industry sectors and leveraging our analysis performed on one investment to make other investments.​


We look for companies that exhibit these characteristics

Simple and easy business models

We never invests in any idea they can’t explain in relatively simple terms.

Dominant in its industry

They have been through periods of recession and emerged stronger.

Superior returns on capital

They have achieved high margins. 

Sustainable competitive advantages


These protect the business from the competition and allowing management to increase prices above inflation without losing market share. 


Free cash flow generation relative to price


Ideally, they will display low volatility of cash flows. And they create excess cash over and above the business’ annual capital requirements.


Growth in cash flows


Free cash flows should display growth over time.

Strong Balance Sheet


They have sensible gearing levels.


Quality Management


They have a proven track record of outstanding performance. Management should display honesty, intelligence, and integrity.


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